Pre-Doctoral Osteopathic Principles and Practice Scholars Course I (SCH 1900)


Course Memo

These three courses (SCH 1900, SCH 2000, and SCH 2100) are designed to provide the student with expanded knowledge of osteopathic medicine. They builds upon the foundation understating of course (preceding-OMS II spring OPP course) and emphasizes an advanced functional anatomic and physiologic understanding and application of osteopathic principles and practices. These courses helps the student solidify osteopathic knowledge, skills, attitudes, and abilities; to provide integrated osteopathic diagnosis and osteopathic manipulative medical care to their future patients. The application of these principles and practices is emphasized through the model of mentorship and teaching. Students participating in these courses will further interact with peers, near-peers, and clinical faculty.

These courses are completed over a three-year period and incorporated into the third- and fourth-year clinical education, adding a fifth-year to the student's osteopathic medicine doctoral program. This series of courses vary in length to accommodate the scheduling of required third- and fourth- year osteopathic curriculum. The courses are scheduled in 12, 16, and 20 week blocks in conjunction with required OMS clinical training curriculum. A total of 48 collective credit hours in the three courses is required. (Variable credit) (P / NP)